The Harmony of Atticus Jones

Country music singer films new video in Patchogue with more to come

By Amy Nicole Tangel

Self-described “born rocker” and musician Tom Petrone has a passion for music.

With skills as a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter he eventually and naturally gravitated toward country music. Reflecting back on process that led to today’s release of his new music video, “Bartender,” he’s happy he did.

“I was a jazz artist before this; I was trying something new, because I have the ability to change it up, so I became a character,” he said.

The lifelong Massapequa resident has been rapidly building a local audience in the Long Island Village of Patchogue performing under the stage name: Atticus Jones. The creation of his stage name is an extension of the recent partnership with music label MP Music House and Daisy’s combined goal to bring great country music to Long Island. Currently, he plays live performances exclusively at Daisy’s Nashville Lounge.

Tom, who is co-founder of the label along with business partner and fellow musician, Dan Marshall have been writing country music together for years and overtime started thinking about how they could combine their songwriting, the label and getting their songs out there through live music in the best country establishment possible. Eventually, they came to the conclusion to pave their own way and create their own country music artist to fully bring their songs to life.

Songs recently released such as “Smoke in a Bar” were written by Tom, Dan and Nashville singer/songwriter, John Kennedy. Atticus Jones’ first single as a country artist “Still Above the Ground” was also written by Tom and Dan along with award-winning author, songwriter and lifelong Long Island resident, Frank Nappi. But there are plenty more songs to come, Tom promised, as they are finally being heard after years of waiting for the right performer now found in Atticus Jones.

“What makes Tom unique to work with and what draws audiences to his music as Atticus Jones is his ability to work seamlessly with other writers such as Frank Nappi and myself,” explained Dan of the draw of the new performer.

The essence of the song “Bartender” and the new Atticus Jones video is a story of your bartender being your friend, Tom said.  The song is a classic country song about a disgruntled husband complaining to his bartender about his wife.

Mike Mattiolo, a friend of Tom’s from Massapequa provides a comical performance as the stereotypical bargoer letting out his grievances in the video alongside Atticus Jones behind the bar. Together, Tom said, they brought the song to life.

“He’s (the bartender) got your back and he’s there to give you some tips and if the tips are good, you can ‘tip’ him back,” he said talking the lyrics out loud.

Additionally, owners of Daisy’s, Brian Adams and Tim McCarthy both have been key factors in providing a new platform for country music on Long Island and said their partnership with Atticus Jones has been great. With the strong relationships Tom and Dan have within MP Music House, Brian said they provide fun and upbeat performances from Atticus Jones; mixing their own songs with traditional country songs.

“Because the venue is so photogenic, we have had multiple people ask about filming at Daisy’s,” Brian said. “Atticus Jones just produced a video here which people will love. It looks great on film, but people should really experience Daisy’s and his performances for themselves in person.”

In only two years having survived the pandemic, Daisy’s has been dedicated to helping bring live music back and have had notable bands that play in Nashville like C.C. & the Boys and rising stars like David J and Jacob Rice grace their venue. Most recently, country artist Jackson Dean stopped in and sang after hours following the 96.1 My Country Birthday Party sponsored in part by Daisy’s at the Patchogue Theatre.

“We are dedicated to country music and legitimate country musicians are harder to find on Long Island,” said Brian. 

At this stage in the game, Tom said the label is being very selective where Atticus Jones performs live to break out as his own artist.  It’s not just performing music for Tom, but a theatrical experience bringing his audiences the whole package.

“Right now, nobody really knows who I am, but the younger people are watching me and when they give me a chance, they really like it,” said Tom.

At the age of 3-years-old, Tom started singing in his family with his older brothers. He said they would harmonize while they washed dishes and did chores around the house. By the age of eleven Tom got his first guitar and from there on—it all came naturally.

The Beatles were of his first influences because of the harmony and eventually he said he grew to be influenced by bands like, Yes and the Eagles. Also, Jeff Beck has always been his favorite guitar player; he even named his cat after him.

“Atticus/Tom is excellent at melody lines and honestly is one of the best singers that I’ve ever worked with,” added Dan. “He just has the ability to sing almost anything and make it sound great.”

Atticus Jones & Friends will be performing next at Daisy’s Nashville Lounge August 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will be back September 24 and October 28 for his monthly residency. Check out “Bartender” below and to keep up with Atticus Jones follow MP Music House on Instagram. For more information about everything happening at Daisy’s visit or Daisy’s LI on Instagram.

Photos courtesy MP Music House, Daisy’s LI, and The Human Interest Story

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