A Commitment to Country Music

Owners of Nashville-style lounge turn the dial up for live music

By Amy Nicole Tangel

Emerging from the pandemic has been a time of moving forward for people everywhere. That sentiment is no different for the owners of Daisy’s Nashville Lounge, a Long Island restaurant who opened their doors during the most challenging times, they have not only survived but are also quickly becoming a go-to-place for live performers and new talent.

From day one, co-owners Brian Adams and Tim McCarthy have held the vision and commitment for their establishment dedicated to bringing live country music to Patchogue. Being able to host talent straight from Nashville is what they have always wanted and due to a new label partnership with MP Music House the dream is becoming reality.

“A lot of people do country nights, but we’re country all the time,” said Brian.

The original meeting with the label has turned to seemingly become mutually beneficial. Dan Marshall, a Patchogue resident, joined with Tom Petrone in 2010 and founded MP Music House then planted roots in Nashville. There, they began working with producer and former member of 80’s rock group TOTO, Buddy Hyatt alongside the guidance of a leader in legal representation for music out of Nashville, Derek Crownover of Loeb & Loeb LLP.

Not only is Dan a producer and scout for new talent such as Quinn Mills, a 22-year-old musician who has risen to popularity in Canada and beyond after signing him at 17, but he is also a musician and writer himself.  In the late 80’s Dan had success with The Dan Marshall Band, touring all over and backing for bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band.  In 1994, the band headlined for the Katie Beers Benefit Concert with Rage Against the Machine and released their self-titled album in 1998. Eventually his career evolved into a passion for finding new talent and creating platforms for musicians to build audiences.

“I want to bring the Nashville vibe to Long Island,” said Dan of his recent endeavor.

Trying to find the right budget to bring acts in from Nashville and making good business decisions has been the biggest challenge Brian said.

“You just have to make those connections,” he said referencing the help of MP Music House they are ready to take Daisy’s live entertainment to the next level.

With the Daisy’s collaboration performances from the label’s own have included Atticus Jones & Friends with regular stops including the upcoming April 23 live show celebrating the release of their new single, “I Ain’t Looking Back.” The event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at Daisy’s located 22 West Main Street.

Ever since, the repertoire of country and southern rock artists who have graced the stage at Daisy’s is steadily growing with performances from other popular acts in country such as, Jacob Rice, CC & The Boys, and Long Island’s own award-winning Joe Bayer Band, who locally can be seen this July at the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue.

In addition to bringing acts to Daisy’s stage, Brian said MP Music House sponsors Saturday night’s live events and were the co-sponsor along with Deep Eddy Vodka for “Songbird Tuesdays” showcasing songwriters in the round for monthly performances.  Also, the label and Daisy’s joined forces as co-sponsors this past March for the My Country 96.1 Birthday Bash featuring country artist, Jackson Dean at the Patchogue Theatre.

Speaking of the future, Brian said there have been discussions for Dan to possibly begin hosting a new podcast in their custom-designed-velvet VIP lounge interviewing the musicians who pass through and this summer Daisy’s is also setting-up to build on their bus trip package series to concerts locally and at Jones Beach for a one-of-a-kind country tailgate experience.

Ultimately the goal for Dan and MP Music House, he said is to bring the acts in Nashville they sign to Long Island and send new talent to Nashville likewise; the intention being to expose the local talents from both proximities to broaden the range across the board. It takes years he said, but Daisy’s being in it’s infancy is an opportunity that has the possibility of one day to be able to say, “that band played at Daisy’s.”

In addition to the music, Daisy’s menu is true to fashion with a wide variety of top-shelf whiskeys paired with appetizers such as their Tennessee Chicken Dip.  Bachelorette, bridal and birthday parties have also become popular, because Brian describes Daisy’s as “a party.”

“We’re just a little honky tonk, but we’re doing pretty good,” he added.

In a working relationship that only began this past fall, Dan said he is looking forward to what’s to come working with Daisy’s and said it couldn’t have happened in a more matter-of-fact way when asked how they met.

“I walked across the street and had a beer one day,” he explained.

To keep up with everything happening at Daisy’s, you can follow them for the most up-to-date happenings on Instagram @daisys.li and on Facebook.  You can also check them out at daisysli.com.

For more about MP Music House, their artists and the services they offer their talent, visit mpmusichouse.com.

Photos courtesy Daisy’s and MP Music House

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