Long Island Simple Syrup Business Soars to New Heights

By Amy Nicole Tangel

Stories of new found artistic creativity and emerging business ventures have been a silver lining amidst the pandemic and have also been a surprising life-changing reality for many people who simply “tried something new,” and one Long Island woman’s new simple syrup business has rapidly become a local household name.

Last March, Christine Eifert of Northport, N.Y., was left empty-handed when everything shut down and her lifelong bartending career was put on hold. Being a full-time working mom of two teenage sons, Christine started immediately thinking outside of the box as she wondered how she was going to keep a roof over her head and put food on the table when the idea of creating her new  business, Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups, came to mind.

Almost one year later, what started out as small batches of flavors being delivered to family and friends on their doorsteps has turned into Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups being found in restaurants and farmers’ markets. With the list of locations growing, Christine said she has much more in store for the new year.

“I definitely didn’t think it would go this far.  I give a lot of my thanks to the help of my friends and the bartending community all across God’s creation, and for the productive mind to stay afloat during the pandemic,” she said.

Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups are now being served in establishments such as Harbor Harvest on Long Island and Norwalk, Connecticut, and The Founder’s Room at The Paramount in Huntington, N.Y.  After spending the entire summer with the Northport Farmers’ Market in Huntington, Christine had to think outside of the box once again when fall came around and the outdoor market ended for the season, but in her true fashion she didn’t let a lack of locations to sell her syrups stop her; she simply set-up a tent in her front yard.  Not only did she have people with cars parked up and down her street for her syrups every week, she invited a few other local vendors as well, and once again she found a way to keep going.

“If I didn’t do it, I would be screwed.  I went from eight shifts a week bartending to nothing to now two,” she said.

With a career in bartending Christine said she has left no stone unturned in her mission of getting her syrups into every location she possibly can.  When the holidays came and the weather became too cold to sell her syrups outside, Christine showed her heart once again when she created another successful opportunity not only for herself, but for her other local vendor friends by initiating the concept of the Holiday Market held at Spotlight NY Art bar and restaurant at The Paramount this past season.  In addition to inspiring the event, Christine said the market itself was a huge success and opened doors to get her syrups into the hands of countless people.

“I have to keep moving forward.  It’s fun and I like it,” she said.

Christine is still making syrups in her kitchen, but the time has come, she said, to begin to explore kitchens outside of her home to keep up with the ever-growing demand.  Almost one year later, Christine is making syrups every day in the same pots she started with and said she just has too many flavors now to keep making with the space she has.  With almost 30 flavors to choose from, Christine said she finds a way to make it work to keep up with orders and it is an exciting time for the business, but she is ready to take it to the next level.     

“If I make a batch, I will make a lot extra and then I will push that,” she said.

Every weekend in August and the beginning of September Christine said she will be taking her syrups on the road with a car show tour making various stops throughout New England. In the fall, she will be bringing her syrups to a sci-fi horror show in upstate New York, and she is hoping to possibly get in on the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend in Las Vegas, NV. 

Christine said she is currently working on a website and is creating a system to begin accepting online orders.  Packages of Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups are available for every holiday or occasion and she said people have been requesting syrups for party favors as well.  In addition to the syrups, Christine also has merchandise such as hoodies and shirts with Blondie’s logo available for purchase, and she said she is constantly adding something new to her growing inventory of syrup flavors. 

“I have Bacon Bad, I have a pickle one; that’s a good new one.  I just started making an elderberry one, everyone keeps asking for that.  I already have syrups lined up for Easter,” she said.

Tonight, Christine will be appearing on the YouTube show, Cocktails & Contours hosted by Bella Noche at 8 p.m., where she will be mixing up some cocktails with her syrups and giving viewers some tips on the best ways to enjoy different flavors.  To follow Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups and to inquire about placing an order you can contact Christine through Facebook and Instagram @blondiesnotsosimplesyrups.

Holiday Driveway Demo with Blondie’s Not So Simple Syrups

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