Under the Spotlight with Chelsea Takami

By Amy Nicole Tangel It could be said perseverance was the shining star of 2020 in a time when almost all in the live entertainment business seemed lost. Nevertheless, one musician is looking forward in 2021, and her focus is not just on rising above the times but in setting her sights on taking her […]

Becoming Mrs. Claus

By Amy Nicole Tangel When it comes to helping others and having a career in public service, this year has been especially trying for many. But keeping her spirit alive this season through the eyes of Mrs. Claus has given one woman an opportunity to find her way through all the year’s challenges. Elvira (pronounced […]

Turning Tragedy into Saving Lives and Serving Others

By Amy Nicole Tangel The survivor of a horrific boating accident that killed her young daughter 15 years ago, has, through incredible strength and perseverance, become a leader across Long Island using her strong voice to advocate for boating safety. Gina Lieneck, who has made it her life’s mission to make positive changes concerning boating […]

The Becoming of The Barefoot Fiddler

By Amy Nicole Tangel Stories of musicians and their struggles to keep the music alive during the pandemic are countless, but as the fog starts to lift, glimpses of hope are shining through and a fiddler player in Nashville is not only persevering in her career, she is carrying on a family legacy. Fiddle player […]

Skin Care Artisan Creates Natural Products to Heal Hands

Amy Nicole Tangel While washing our hands is essential to health and safety, the potentially painful result of dry and cracked skin can be an issue.  Sonny & Dew, a natural skin care company on Long Island, is coming to the rescue with its all-natural handmade solutions for your hand sanitizing and moisturizing relief. Owner […]

90’s Fashion Icon Ivy Supersonic Vindicated in “Sqrat” Trademark Battle

By Amy Nicole Tangel Many people know of the famous pink feather hat worn by Pamela Anderson at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, but many don’t know the designer behind the hat, a true artist at her core, and now Ivy “Supersonic” Silberstein is setting the record straight after her recent settlement with Twentieth […]

Reinventing the Wheel: Where the hope lies for Music promoter

By Amy Nicole Tangel Musicians and the venues they call home are in an unprecedented battle to keep establishments alive while the stages are dark.   But many in the music community say they are finding their hands tied as they desperately seek ways to stay alive. If the only hope lies in the unity of […]

A Window to the Soul

By Amy Nicole Tangel While summer is coming to a close and we go forward into the next chapter of the new unknown, for many artists it is a very dark time, but through it all humanity is resilient and there is a light shining bright in one musician who has turned his time off-stage […]


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