Bee Charmer, Wildlife Rehabber and an Unsung Hero: A Life Dedicated to Preserving Long Island’s Ecosystem

By Amy Nicole Tangel It takes all kinds to make the world go round.  By committing her life to helping animals and keeping the environment thriving, keeping the world going has been an ever-growing demand for one Long Island woman. Samantha Boyd said she has been an animal lover her whole life and knew from […]

A Heart Called to Help

By Amy Nicole Tangel With the resurgence of live entertainment upon us, people everywhere are ready to get back out and come together with a newfound appreciation, but for one man who has dedicated his life to entertaining while helping others, it is now a time to give back more than ever. John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale, […]

The Process of Country-Pop Artist Arizona Lindsey

By Amy Nicole Tangel If you looked at country-pop singer Arizona Lindsey and saw her bubbly disposition, one would probably never imagine what adversity lies beneath, but with her recent second album release, “The Process,” she opens the door to her own trauma with hopes of letting others know they are not alone. With an […]

Entertainment Diva Sonia Caligiuri Turns Adversity into a Life of Inspiration

By Amy Nicole Tangel Setting goals in life and achieving milestones are drives of human nature. Although it has been an uphill battle for one entrepreneur who is expanding her career in entertainment amidst great challenges, she is determined to rise above and never give up. Event planner, cake artist, model, actress and creator, Sonia […]

Renowned Counselor and Author Ron Villano Carries on through Tragedy and Dedicates Life to Mental Health Awareness

By Amy Nicole Tangel With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, many people may be checking in and asking themselves how they are dealing with everyday life and the struggles along the way; wondering if therapy is the answer to a better quality of life.  Nationally renowned counselor and author Ron Villano, who has dedicated […]

The Evolution of Performing Chameleon Billy Mira

By Amy Nicole Tangel Many people start out in life with big dreams, but to see those dreams through takes great courage and the will never to give up. For one lifelong performer who has dedicated his life to entertaining others, the true test came when the world shutdown and the lights went dark, but […]

Radio Personality and Author dedicates life to spreading joy to others across Long Island

By Amy Nicole Tangel In a time when life has been more than challenging for most, keeping connected and having something to look forward to is of utmost importance. For one man who has based his radio and marketing career on bringing joy to others in-person, being thrust into reinventing promotions to remain engaged with […]

Artist Opens Gallery with Premiere of Pandemic-Inspired Paintings

By Amy Nicole Tangel Long Island Artist and Live Event Producer Steven Calapai faced the same reality as many others in the industry when the entertainment world essentially shutdown in early 2020 due to the world-wide Pandemic, but with determination to be resilient and with a lifelong passion for art, he said he has taken […]


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