Artist Opens Gallery with Premiere of Pandemic-Inspired Paintings

By Amy Nicole Tangel Long Island Artist and Live Event Producer Steven Calapai faced the same reality as many others in the industry when the entertainment world essentially shutdown in early 2020 due to the world-wide Pandemic, but with determination to be resilient and with a lifelong passion for art, he said he has taken […]

Best of LI Beauty Salon Expands in New Location

By Amy Nicole Tangel As the perseverance of local businesses continues to grow, a sign of better times ahead can be seen  in the recent expansion of one Long Island beauty salon, and for the creator behind it all, it has been 25 years in the making. Best of LI 2021 winner for best hair […]

‘Kindness is power’ with The Dog Chick

By Amy Nicole Tangel Throughout the pandemic people have been rapidly leaving cities and moving to suburbs to live more of the “simple life,” and with that new life many are adopting dogs for the first time. One woman who has dedicated her life to training dogs across Long Island is now at the forefront […]

A Rockstar in the Midst

By Amy Nicole Tangel People say, ‘It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish,’ and for one rocker vocalist who was diagnosed with cancer over a decade ago, there has been no stopping him from rising above and moving forward with life, music and gratitude. Long Island native and metal rock band Holy Mother […]

Long Island Simple Syrup Business Soars to New Heights

By Amy Nicole Tangel Stories of new found artistic creativity and emerging business ventures have been a silver lining amidst the pandemic and have also been a surprising life-changing reality for many people who simply “tried something new,” and one Long Island woman’s new simple syrup business has rapidly become a local household name. Last […]

Staying Vintage with LI Rapper Edward “JJ” Jones

By Amy Nicole Tangel From the day Long Island rapper Edward “JJ” Jones began his career he said it has been a mission to make music his life, while always staying true to himself and trying to help others. Even with all the challenges faced in 2020, he has continued to be an evolving artist […]

Under the Spotlight with Chelsea Takami

By Amy Nicole Tangel It could be said perseverance was the shining star of 2020 in a time when almost all in the live entertainment business seemed lost. Nevertheless, one musician is looking forward in 2021, and her focus is not just on rising above the times but in setting her sights on taking her […]

Becoming Mrs. Claus

By Amy Nicole Tangel When it comes to helping others and having a career in public service, this year has been especially trying for many. But keeping her spirit alive this season through the eyes of Mrs. Claus has given one woman an opportunity to find her way through all the year’s challenges. Elvira (pronounced […]

Turning Tragedy into Saving Lives and Serving Others

By Amy Nicole Tangel The survivor of a horrific boating accident that killed her young daughter 15 years ago, has, through incredible strength and perseverance, become a leader across Long Island using her strong voice to advocate for boating safety. Gina Lieneck, who has made it her life’s mission to make positive changes concerning boating […]


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